A Breakdown of The Republican Party Convention

I recorded part of the Republican convention last night and just got finished watching it now – the performance of Clint Eastwood, the speech of rising young Republican star Marco Rubio (son of Cuban immigrants) and then Romney.   First up was Eastwood, who clearly is becoming a bit senile, or maybe just so caught […]

Leaked Document Shows Michelle Rhee Working With Connecticut Astroturf Group To Push ALEC’s “Parent Trigger”

Rhee’s group was coordinating with an astroturf organization in Connecticut. (Photo credit: Flickr user angela n.) Next month, the film Won’t Back Down will be released in theaters nationwide. This drama starring Maggie Gylenhall and Viola Davis — and backed by Walmart and the right-wing Anschutz Film Group — promotes the “parent trigger,” an American […]

"Missionary Zeal": The Miseducation of "Other People’s Children"

The education reform debate is fueled by a seemingly endless and even fruitless point-counterpoint among the corporate reformers—typically advocates for and from the Gates Foundation (GF), Teach for America (TFA), and charter chains such as Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP)—and educators/scholars of education. Since the political and public machines have embraced the corporate reformers, GF, […]

World Teachers Day To Defend Public Education & Fight Privatization

10/5 Action On World Teachers Day To Defend Public Education & Fight Privatization Picket And Rally Friday October 5, 2012 4:30 PM At WestEd located at 730 Harrison St. San Francisco October 5, 2012 is recognized as the the International Day For Teachers and public teachers, all education workers and students are under a frontal […]

The West Ed Chicago Hustle and other privatization schemes

West Ed is one of the leading front groups and think tanks for privatization of education.  It is one of many faux groups that publish questionable data to be used to decimate public education by arguing it is a failure. West Ed is funded the Bill and Melinda Gates crime family (http://www.wested.org/online_pubs/gates.profiles.pdf) as well The […]

5-minute video: Declaration of Independence was/is lawful revolution from a criminal government

A lawful revolution is in response to government that abjectly violates its own laws, and refuses all reasonable offers to return government limits within its own constitution. It is a revolution that requests its own law enforcement to do their job to arrest obvious criminals in their own government. The central crimes are in unlawful […]

New Stages of Privatization Emerging

By Steven Miller “The arriving freshman is treated as a mortgage, and the fees are climbing. She is a future revenue stream, and the bills are growing. She is security for a debt she never chose, and the cost is staggering.” (wewanteverything.wordpress.com. November 18, 2009)   The early stages of converting public education into corporate […]

Cotacachi, Ecuador: Participatory democracy and ‘another world is happening’!

The following was published in 2008 by Linda McFarlin at: http://www.pro-ecuador.com/living-in-ecuador-morales.html The story is in three parts.  Here we meet Cesar Alvear Morales and then part one and two deals directly with the notion of ‘participatory democracy’ that is taking place in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  Not only is another world possible, another world is already being […]

Why lowering taxes on the 1% does not work, in 500 words or less.

The argument is that lowering taxes makes business thrive. And they will hire more people. My first question is,  “What do business taxes tax?”  My second question is, “Why do shop owners hire more workers?”  It is my understanding that the business taxes tax profit.  Profit is that amount that is left over after deducting […]