Romney threatens war on Iran, repeats Obama/Bush ‘wipe off the map’ lie

The Telegraph’s 2-minute video shows Mr. Romney claiming Iran’s leaders would “wipe Israel off the map.” Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are repeating a known lie about Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s 2005 speech that anyone can verify by reading the speech… Due to Google copyright limitations, the full article is here. We apologize for just the […]

AFT REPORTS: Chicago’s Karen Lewis, other panelists, help AFT Peace and Justice Caucus understand how Chicago has been changed

George Schmidt has done an excellent job covering the AFT convention and the Peace and Justice caucus.  The picture is of Karen Lewis of AFT discussing how to radicalize the union On Friday, July 27, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Peace and Justice Caucus hosted a forum featuring teachers from California, Illinois, New York […]

Netflix to settle out of court: CEO Reed Hastings Educational Role model New Orleans

The case was filed in The United States district Court, Northern District Court of California, San Jose District in California ( as a putative class action suit brought by former Netflix subscribers, Jeff Milans and Peter Comstock (collectively “Plaintiffs”), alleging the way Defendant Netflix, Inc. (“Netflix”), a provider of video-by-mail and internet services, retained and […]

Get a Black Belt in Common Core Curriculum Implementation!

Proving once again that current education policy and programs have made satire nearly impossible,  The Common Core Institute  brings us the notion of black belt certification for teacher leaders.  These people bill themselves as a “leading provider of professional development, coaching, and training services for schools.” They invite educators to join them for a full […]

Santa Monica College: Autocracy, disinformation, censorship, illegal public hearings and student arrests pock mark campus

Picture of student demonstration at SMC on May Day 2012 In 2010 the situation regarding lack of classes at what were once called ‘community colleges’, but are now named junior colleges, became dire.  Lack of classes, “class crashing” (not enough seats and over-enrollment) plagued the college along with a lack of needed class offerings.  Many […]

CA CAFR: Parks ‘found’ $54 million, $2.3 billion more now ‘found;’ full CAFR $600 Billion next?

Due to Google restraints, this article can only be linked. Excerpt: For five weeks I journalistically hammered that California’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) reveals $600 billion in surplus taxpayer assets, and the various local government agencies’ CAFRs are data-sampled to total $8 trillion in surplus assets. Last week, the California Parks and Recreation Department […]


By Saul Landau Savage=not domesticated or cultivated; wild: In June and July the war on drugs proceeded apace as DEA agents and Honduran military goons knocked off some Miskitu people in Honduras – suspects supposedly running drugs in small boats. Police around the United States made thousands of drug-related arrests and doctors prescribed drugs for […]

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention: Carl Orestes Franzoni

The following is from the record album Hungry Freaks Daddy, Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention, 1966 and the album is Dedicated to Carl Orestes Franzoni “Mister America Walk on by Your schools that do not teach Mister America Walk on by The minds that won’t be reached Mister America Try to hide The emptiness […]

CA CAFR $600 billion ‘case study’ final status with state reps, local media, law enforcement

This is the final status I see with a case study to communicate California’s $600 billion in surplus assets as documented in the state’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to my two state representatives, local media, law enforcement, and local community groups (school district and board, school financial support, Republican/Democratic clubs, city officials). The e-mail […]

Washington Post Reporter Allows College Officials to Alter Story on Controversial Test

When one thinks about the Washington Post these days they hardly think about Watergate and the Post’s alleged ‘glorious’ role in this poorly reported saga.  No, now one thinks of dictatorial control by the son of the Graham family, Donald Graham, alleged insider trading, millions spent on lobbying to thwart sensible regulations to control the […]