Unfair Labor Practices at the University of Maryland mount: University promises to renew contract with Daycon despite NLRB ruling

  As the plutocrats gain momentum in American politics and with the Obama administration falling into despicable disgrace in face of corporate hegemony, there is little doubt that there will be more suffering in America.  The savage cuts to government programs foisted on the American people by a rabid oligarchy operating through the Republican Party […]

Orlando: Not the Happiest Place on Earth

  In the U.S., the selling pornography is a legally protected expression of free speech. Also protected speech  is the publishing and distributing of racist, hate material that advocates violence. Marching in front of woman’s health care clinics with graphic posters of aborted fetuses is also protected by the First Amendment. However, feeding homeless people […]

AM I A Socialist Like Bernie Saunders?

“AM I A Socialist Like Bernie Saunders?” was a question someone, who friended me on FB, asked.  I think my answer to her is worth publishing here… Thank you Jennifer.  I am not a socialist, per se.  I do believe, however, that the government “could be” better able to provide us with certain services.  Neither […]

Bullshit: the perfect academic word to expose US debt, economic, war policies

source: Carl Herman On Bullshit, Princeton professor Harry Frankfurt’s 2005 best-seller, defines “bullshit” as saying whatever necessary to dictate an audience’s interpretation of a subject. Bullshit is comprised of lies of omission and commission, of course, but shifts as needed to maintain the desired dictatorship (the literal “say” of what people perceive). Frankfurt observes that […]

Stupid empire prevails – the nation loses

By Saul Landau “The reason we have a Department of Defense is to break things and kill people. The problem we have now is that so much of the money is not going to the people who are breaking things and killing people.”  -Ret. Marine General Arnold L. Punaro, Member of the Defense Business Board, […]

The Corporate Education Act Becomes Law: Good bye liberal arts colleges

Is this true?  Or is it simply sardonic realism? Progressive Avenues www.progressiveavenues.org info@progressiveavenues.org 415-702-9682    July 27, 2011 By Luke Hiken     Republican lawmakers were ecstatic today to announce passage of the Corporate Education Act (CEA). The President expressed his support for the Act because the Republican sides of both the House and the Senate had backed it, and that […]

Trillion dollars debt ceiling lies: Americans will prevail with three simple facts

source: Carl Herman In our current debt-based monetary system, we’re never going to pay off the national debt. The debt-deal political theater is a tragic-comedy and essentially lies of omission and commission costing Americans trillions of their dollars every year. The heart of the lie is Orwellian: US “leadership” tells us that debt is a […]