Repression and Murder Continue in Bahrain

By Matar Mohammad It has been two months since the formation of democratic peaceful movement of Bahraini people. A movement whose leaders and supporters are seeking democratic and legal demands such as establishing a representative and elected government, press freedom, government accountability toward citizens, increasing parliament members’ authorities, releasing political prisoners, and participation of all […]

An Open Letter To An Old Friend

In spite of record storms, flooding, fires, and, of course, the record number of devastating tornadoes across the south, it is good that you are comfortable in your belief that there is no such thing as global warming or that man has contributed significantly to it.  One of the things that speaks to the contribution […]

Your World News launches website

In the ongoing fight against injustice, imperialism, and plunder (to name a few social maladies), access to information is a critical battle within this struggle. This is why the US corporate media, and their political partners, go out of their way to limit the range of Americans understanding of critical global issues. They do this […]


  DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WITH DEMOCRACY AND THREE URGENT PLEAS Sheila Parks, Ed.D. Democracy. Who used to have it in the USA, and who has it now? People with white skin privilege?  People who were born male?  People with piles of money, much of it stolen from other people’s labor? I often hear European Americans […]

Now, About Those Survey Markers

My heart does not go out to the Republicans who are complaining that people are upset with them.  They are children, whining that things are not going their way. “My town halls are being disrupted by Democrats,” said Representative Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, whose meetings have been peppered with complaints about Republican policies. “They are […]

Pimping, Pushing, and the High Cost of Health Care.

Prescription data mining is allowing the pharmaceutical industry to discover what doctors are and are not pushing their drugs.  Big Pharma spends $8 billion dollars just to send those cuties to your doctor’s offices to pimp their drugs.  You know the ones.  They are those young, very attractive cuties, with the big suitcases who slip […]

What The Hell Has Happened To Americans?

Homophobes in D.C. are eager to spend $550/hour for an attorney to defend DOMA while 15,000 3- to 4- year olds in Ohio were dropped from Early Childhood Education, as ECE programs across the nation took a big hit.  I was going to cite some examples, but there are just too many big cuts to […]

Shanta Driver of BAMN and the new Jim Crow

Shanta Driver, a spokesperson for BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) appeared on the Thom Hartmann show and Russian TV today (Monday the 25th of April) to speak about the closing of public schools in Detroit.  You can see the interview with Shanta regarding the Cathy Ferguson Academy in Detroit and other issues regarding the fight for public […]

Why the TSA won’t improve its image anytime soon

The DHS, TSA, and CBP want to improve its tarnished image. After the criticism that has befallen the TSA since last fall when they mass-introduced full body scanners, it’s no surprise that they are now universally hated. The problem, however, is that the TSA can never improve their image as long as they continue to […]

2-minute video: Best-selling Chief Economist John Perkins explains criminal US foreign policy

source and with video: Carl Herman, I previously shared an interview with the “Economic Hitman,” John Perkins; a former Chief Economist and multi-Bestselling author. The sharpest video for what Perkins has to say is this widely-viewed and well-animated two-minute version on the left. My conclusions of political and economic work over the last 30 years is […]