Feds Drop Scandal-Prone Star Witness In Politicized NJ Witch-Hunt

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s image as a crime-fighting, cost-conscious reformer worthy of 2012 Presidential consideration has taken big hits during the last month.

Joel Klein of New York to become an Executive for News Corp: Full spectrum dominance of education the goal

Joel Klein announced Nov. 9 that at year’s end he will resign as York City’s Schools chancellor to become executive vice president at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Yesterday, the company announced that it was buying a technology company with big financial ties to the New York City school system.  How nice.  The neo-liberal corporate state […]

Cathie Black: ‘No experience necessary – only free market resume needed’

From: The Desk of: Kobi Abayomi Asst. Professor ISYE-Statistics Georgia Tech This shit is all around criminal. City schools chancellor nominee Cathie Black insists she’s connected to public education via a highly touted charter school – but a close look shows she’s had no contact with students, parents or teachers there. Officials at the Harlem […]

Why it is important to continue to question the TSA

In the past month, we have seen major media outlets follow the story of National Opt Out day. Now that it is over, the stories are less frequent and will probably subside as the media moves on to other stories. It is important, however, to remember that everyone must keep up the pressure against the […]

US lied for war in Iraq, lies for war in Iran, beware Korea war lies today

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com If you don’t know that all “reasons” for war with Iraq were known to be lies as they were told, you’re unaware of the admissions of our own US government agencies.  If you don’t know that all “reasons” for war with Iran are known to be lies as they are being […]

Let’s Bury Hitler

In 1946, a year after the end of World War II, George Orwell had already buried Hitler, at least linguistically, in his famous essay “Politics and the English Language“: “Fascism has no meaning now except so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable.’” Orwell’s point is not just that the word fascism was out of vogue, […]

Detroit Teachers: DFT sponsored picket of Billionaire Boyz Clubs policies in Detroit Schools

Watch TV news coverage of last Monday’s DFT picket against House Bills 6576 – 79, at http://www.youtube.com/dftmembers.  The legislation was introduced November 17 by State Rep Durhal and Robert Bobb. It would eliminate class size caps and seniority, but only in those school districts in a financial deficit. The DFT voted to sponsor the picket […]

Our Faith in a "Culture of Poverty" Never Left

In her “‘Culture of Poverty’ Makes a Comeback” for The New York Times (17 October 2010), Patricia Cohen declared: “Now, after decades of silence, these scholars are speaking openly about you-know-what [the ‘culture of poverty’], conceding that culture and persistent poverty are enmeshed.” While Cohen’s article accurately reflects a scholarly re-examination of claims that a […]