The Great American Swindle: How Americans are getting Robbed of Prosperity

The Great American Swindle: How Americans are getting Robbed of Prosperity By: Solomon Comissiong The late great Azanian/South African Human Rights Champion, Steve Biko, once said, “The most dangerous weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. Those are some of the most powerful and cogent words ever spoken, especially […]

Reducing the Deficit.

The biggest key to reducing the deficit lies in understanding how it got there. Basically, the United States started an illegal war, actually two if one classes Osama bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center as a criminal Act as opposed to a war. Wars are between “nations.” W took this as an excuse […]

Billy the Big Bad Bully for Corporate Charter-Voucher Charlatans

Bill Grundfest is a far-right reactionary who despises public education and organized labor. The well heeled Bel Air resident has been on a rhetorical rampage as of late, attacking random social justice activists and public education advocates like those at the South Bronx School blog. Here’s a post discussing a possible debate with Grundfest Next […]

The Fix

Employment, education, and standard of living are all tied together.  People are not buying anything because they have limited funds.  Things are too expensive for the amount of money the people have.   People are going without many things, including the basics.  Because of this lack of purchasing power, few businesses are hiring and most are […]

The Land of Milk and Honey.

It was no accident that Harvey Milk came to San Francisco.  California is amazing and the “Bay Area” is incredibly so.   Until recently, California has the most desirable climate of any of the fifty states.  I lived, for nearly 15 years in the high Sierras.  Even winters there are easier than almost anywhere else.  California […]

Breaking News

This just arrived in my email from the Washington Post… Breaking News: Household incomes drop for second straight year, census data show Household incomes plunged for the second year in a row in 2009, as fewer families earned over $100,000 a year while the ranks of the poor rose, according to census statistics released Tuesday. […]

I attended a Conservative 9/11 event with “US wars are unlawful” flyers; here’s what happened. 5 of 6

source: Carl Herman, This article series explains what happened when I interacted with participants of a 9/11 event to welcome home US soldiers and honor the victims of 9/11, then provides the e-mail exchange with the sponsoring group’s leadership. Consistent with my last two years of writing articles to explain, document, and prove current […]

re Working the System

For the longest time it has bothered me to see Google ads, which advance the very poison I had just written about, showing up in the middle of my article.  My attempt to copy the ad failed due to embedded coding, but I have discovered that I don’t need to do that.  They are placing […]

The Outrageous G8/G20 Costs

The costs for the last G8/G20 event in Toronto are so outrageous, that you’d think they were joking. If only they were. The final tab ran over $1.25 billion. Some of the costs were: $80 million for food and accommodation $34 million on telecommunications and electronics $17 million for vehicle rentals and transportation $4.5 million […]

Take Big Business Out of Education

I’m not waiting for Superman. Waiting for Superman, Davis Guggenheim’s new educational film is presently receiving a media blitz. Is big business behind its success?