Mother Jones Asks: ‘Should Obama Control The Internet?!’ New Bill Would Give President Authority to Halt Web Traffic

Senator John Rockefeller is one of the fellows who has introduced a bill to establish an arm of the executive branch to be called ‘The Office of National Cyber Security Advisor.’ It would be like an office of Homeland Security for the Internet and would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic supposedly […]

The Police Repression Against Juanita Young and Her Family

This month, August 8th, 2009, police officers from New York City’s 43rd Precinct raided the home of activist Juanita Young. She is Black and has been outspoken against police murder and brutality. Over a dozen plains clothes police officers broke down her door, brutally attacked Juanita’s oldest son, James Ferguson, sexually assaulted Juanita’s oldest daughter, […]

Conservatives On The Supreme Court Could Rule That Corporations Can Pay For Political Attack Ads

The Supreme Court is rushing back from its summer break to rehear a case that could have important implications on the First Amendment and special interest money in political campaigns. The McCain-Feingold campaign finance law was created to ban soft money contributions to political parties and put restrictions on radio and TV advertisements funded by […]

Big Brother is Here

Yes, Big Brother is here, and amazingly, the local press helped with most of the funding. Of course, the video surveillance camera manufacturer “donated” a lot of cameras for this social experiment which naturally the local government claims is not a social experiment. Unbelievably, the executive director of this non-experiment is a city commission member […]

State Dept. Briefing: Preparing for Action in Africa

Atheo News July 3, 2009 African Contingency Operations Training Assistance U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, said President Barack Obama’s administration will provide more military observers, police, and staff to enhance global ‘peacekeeping’ operations, especially in African nations in response to appeals for support in assembling better equipped and rapidly deployable forces. The United […]

How We Support Our False Beliefs ScienceDaily (Aug. 23, 2009) —

How We Support Our False Beliefs ScienceDaily (Aug. 23, 2009) — In a study published in the most recent issue of the journal Sociological Inquiry, sociologists from four major research institutions focus on one of the most curious aspects of the 2004 presidential election: the strength and resilience of the belief among many Americans that […]

Settlement builder Leviev dealt divestment blow

Press release, Adalah-NY, 25 August 2009 In another stunning blow to Israeli settlement-builder Lev Leviev, the Israeli business magazine Globes Online has reported that BlackRock Inc., one of the world’s largest investment management firms, has divested from Leviev’s Africa-Israel Investments. The Globes article follows a similar report by the Norwegian news service Norwatch. The move […]

Pacific Radio Program Claims That It was The CIA Which Blew Up Pan Am Flight 103 Over Lockerbie

Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi has been released this week. He has been serving a life sentence as the only convicted person concerning the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland. He was released on compassionate grounds because he is terminally ill. Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone said on their […]

Dr. Chu’s Energy Bait and Switch

They’re short on renewables but they have a new generation of ‘improved’ and safer nuclear power plants and the costs can be charged

Monetary reform: reclaiming $1 trillion every year through public creation of money

from: Without knowing how money is created and managed, all other topics concerning money are out of context. This is crucial: regarding trillions of dollars of economic power, you have no idea where money comes from. It’s time for you to learn. When people don’t know how money is created and managed, the only […]