CENSORED IN 1980: BIG BROTHER NSA IS LISTENING TO YOU        Harrison E. Salisbury, respected Pulitzer Prize-winning editor and foreign and domestic correspondent for the New York Times, broke the extraordinary story about the National Security Agency. The NSA is the largest security agency in the U.S., larger than the CIA or the FBI, […]

The Extraterrestrial Terran Observer

Imagine a UFO or another planet observing us with their extra high-tech audio and visual telescopes and other such devices (in other words, imagine they are our own U.S. government, only with slightly more powerful eavesdropping devices). If they compared our actions to our stated values and principles, they would no doubt be alarmed as well, and would almost certainly be loath to meet us.

There is No Justification For Torture

By Will Shonbrun The President leaned forward on the podium and stared into the TV camera’s eye, then deliberately and emphatically said to the country and the rest of the world, “The United States does not torture. It’s against our laws and it’s against our values. I have not authorized it and I will not […]

The truth about California’s special election.

The mainstream media, the governor, and all the leaders in the state legislature are currently going along with the extremist right-wing notion that in this special election, the majority of Californians were rejecting tax increases, and wanted spending cut to the bone. This is simply not true, since according to this article and this poll, the majority of Californians were […]

HR 2567 Calls to Shut Down The School of Americas

There have been several attempts by Democrats to shut down the School of Americas since 2000. On May 21st 2009, US Representative James McGovern (D) introduced a bill to suspend operations of what has been called the School of Assassins and to investigate the association of torture and human rights abuses connected with the school. […]

Obama’s Sneaky Repackaging of Bush Era Policies of Torture And War

Larry Jones writes on the ‘World Can’t Wait’ website that President Obama is only making cosmetic changes and is repackaging Bush’s Program of Torture and War to make them more palatable to gullible Americans. Conservatives have also been quick to point out Obama’s clever tricks. The New York Times published an op-ed saying that there […]

Fear of Things To Come: How Far Will Things Go As Racial Tensions, Economic Rage and Crime Rates Soar?

William John Cox exposes chilling facts about the hard times the world is experiencing as economic structures collapse. Increasing crime, tent cities, hunger, even in the citadel within the borders of the US homeland. Americans are passively accepting draconian laws, like the Patriot Act, Government surveillance and wholesale eavesdropping on US citizens, preventive detention without […]

Berlin: STASI spy killed protestor Ohnesorg in 1967

Documents have emerged in the German press showing that policeman Karl Heinz Kurras, who shot student Benno Ohnesorg during a demonstration in West-Berlin in 1967, was a spy for the East-German secret police STASI. After trial, Kurras was acquitted due to lack of evidence. The shot that killed Ohnesorg on June 2 1967,  was to […]

‘Best Church of God’ Debates Atheist Sunsara Taylor

The last week have been filled with heavy new stories featuring issues like Torture and weighty criticism of President Obama. I’d light to lighten things up by posting this video of a debate between the ‘Best Church of God’ Comedy troupe and atheist and Revolutionary Communist Sunsara Taylor: http://vimeo.com/4322256 -Bill Gibbons “I’m a Truth Addict, aw shit, I […]