Foreign Press Association protesting ban from Gaza

In what is becoming a blurry picture of actual events happening in Gaza, the Foreign Press Association is taking action today over reporting access in that area. Democracy Now the Israeli Supreme Court will hear a petition today challenging Israel’s ban on journalists from entering Gaza. The Foreign Press Association filed the challenge on behalf […]

Gaza: Leaders Lie, Civilians Die and the Lessons of History Are Ignored

We have tried many times to put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into perspective, and sometimes with success, but to see how this conflict effects people instead of government, I have found that the following article by Robert Fisk is one of the best; We’ve got so used to the carnage of the Middle East that we […]

Another Year of Fear

Another Year of Fear has come and gone. See my latest bit at the new Project Censored blog The Daily Censored for more info you don’t hear on the nightly corporate news. Also, feel free to give the gift of a tax deductible donation to Project Censored if you are so inclined.

I’ll have many updates of the past semester of activities as I was so busy I didn’t have a lot of tome to post…but there’s always next year…cheers!

Would Congressional Democrats Cover Up Neo-Con Election Fraud? Part 2 in the “Democracy” in America Series – No Way, Right?!?!

We can’t have the official vote “count” being questioned in America, can we? Why that would be un-American, wouldn’t it? After all, you can’t have a democracy if you’re going to have people wanting to make sure that their votes get counted, can you? The count is the count, no need to count anything again. This is America, you sore loser!

Sean Hannity wins Media Matters "Misinformer of the year"

And the award goes to….Fox News pundit and wing-nut Sean Hannity. What a year for Hannity; I thought he really showed his true colors during his “special report” when he used Anti-semit radical Andy Martin as a credible source. But that was just a snack compared to his main course of nightly lies and distortion […]

Media Fans The Flames in Mumbai Massacre

In another case of “Media Gone Wild”, we can see that Indian news reporting looks a little similar to something we have in the states.  Nothing like a little Fox News over-reporting, over exaggerating, and plain making stuff up Indian style.   Christain Science Monitor,  By Daniel PepperMUMBAI, INDIA – Emerging from decades of government […]