Starting Off With the Holiday Favorite…

Hello!  My name is Kiley and it’s great to be part of!  I will be writing in my best attempt to uncover and report the truth behind the U.S. meat and dairy industry.  For most people, there isn’t much thought about where meat really comes from or how it is produced; but for those who […]


Hello everyone, I hope to provide you with a fix of interesting material from all over the world. As we end a long political campaign and head to the direction of much needed change, the wing nuts and talking heads are re-grouping as we speak. It’s my goal to provide you with the facts and […]

A little about The Daily Censored and Project Censored

The Daily Censored was created in Late 2008 by former Project Censored intern Adam Armstrong with the hopes of establishing an uncensored platform that could enable writers and editors from around the world to report and discuss important issues that the media has censored. As an independent blog and news source, the Daily Censored works […]