by Rebel Fagin

200 species went extinct today. What can we do about it?

Organize, educate, and act. The Climate Protection Campaign works with schools to educate students about greenhouse gases and helps them enact programs to reduce their usage. The Post Carbon Institute educates and empowers people in planning for a sustainable future. Transition Towns can be a step into our future. Education isn’t enough.

There’s personal sacrifice. This helps the individual withdraw from the Corporate Death State while providing object lessons for others. Yet the individuals’ impact is minimal when compared to the world’s largest polluter, the U.S. military. Personal sacrifice isn’t enough.

The U.S. military is exempt from environmental laws. They used 320,000 barrels of oil a day in Iraq during 2007. Jets burn holes in the ozone regularly. Wars create desertification. Drinking water is contaminated with trichloroethylene and perchlorate as military bases top the list of Superfund sites. I won’t even discuss radiation. Yes, there is a relationship between the war on people and the war on the environment. War serves a master who doe not recognize natures

rights and that master is commerce.

Lurking within our borers lie a powerful network of immortal and amoral organizations whose sole purpose is the amassing of wealth. If they succeed, millions will die and millions more will suffer. These corporations are dominated by the fossil fuel industry. This industry spent over $103 million on lobbyists and many millions on advertising to show their concern for the environment. Chevron cares. Ask Ken Saro-Wiwa how much they care.

With climate change come species upheaval and biodiversity collapse. Fracking and the Keystone XL Pipeline only accelerate the pace of carbon released into our closed system. The canaries in the coal mine are the Polar Regions. Here the blow strikes swiftest.

200 species went extinct today. It’s too late to hold candles and sing for peace. It’s time for concrete, result-oriented actions.

WARNING: Adult content follows. Jesus isn’t going to save us. Neither are our space brothers. Technology isn’t a solution and the government works for the corporations. El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.

200 species went extinct today and I don’t have any real solutions. I am getting some ideas about what real solutions look like.

Real solutions will be achieved by people in community and not by the rugged individual. They will focus on concrete systems of power. Corporations understand climate change. We needn’t speak truth to power here. They get it and aren’t going to act unless we make them. Power only acquiesces to power. Real solutions will recognize this and act on it.

False solutions are industry driven. They focus on a problem without considering the ramifications their solutions may have on other problems. They are progressive where they should be prohibitive. False solutions reinforce the corporate culture.

We need to develop a culture of resistance. This culture has to take its role seriously, especially the underground wings. The aboveground wings would build just, sustainable communities while keeping the Corporate Death State’s worse excesses in check. They’d work in tandem with the underground wings who’d engage in strategic attacks on corporate infrastructure. In this model a small number of underground activists would bring down the structure while a larger number of aboveground activists would cultivate our sustainable future. This wouldn’t take a majority of the population. We needn’t fear property destruction or arrest.

200 species went extinct today. 90% of the large fish in the oceans are gone.

Private property can be life threatening. Getting arrested provides us with leverage points in their collapsing civilization. Loyalty, solidarity and adult responsibility is required here. It’s all about what you do, not how you live. Future generations won’t care if we had pure thoughts. They’ll care if there are fish in the sea. The culture of resistance is deeply rooted in community. Como familia estamos vivos.

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Rebel Fagin writes for the Sonoma County Peace Press &