When a government is no longer accountable to its people, when the promise of transparency is a word used by politicians only when they are running for office and not afterwards when they take office, when investigations done by governments essentially investigating themselves produce results that have no relevance to the reality of the case and in fact become cover-ups for powerful interests, then democracy is dead.
   What do we see at Sandy Hook? First and foremost, Classified by the FBI. Classified! The most basic questions of inguiry to ensure truthfulness are forbidden by Law. By Law!
   The Government, that monolithic, unaccountable to the People body of bought and paid servants of the 1%, have through Law taken away the right of the People to know…what they have a right to know, but are now denied “legally”.
   So many within this country when they hear the word Fascism become “turned off”. Mussolini, one of the most remembered for dictators of a Fascistic governing system, once said that a better word than Fascism would be corporatocracy, because that described it more pointedly. Fascism = the corporations running the government with a strong military arm to assure compliance.
   So what is it that we are looking at when the government classifies by law a simple police report and anything related to it?
   And doesn’t classifying such a simple report of a mass murder hint at cover-ups, cover-ups that must go to the highest levels of government when it is the FBI that sanctions such investigations.
   And why would law enforcement officials go out of their way to tell less than politely a former police officer and Executive Director for School and Workplace Safety to shut up, Wolfgang Halbig, even though he has a Freedom of Information warrant to ask certain questions. Think about  it. One one hand a legal warrant to ask questions, on the other side of Darkness, a classified report. Which takes precedent?
   In a democracy the answer would be simple. In a government that can classify anything it wants the People not to know, the full weight of tyranny prevails.
   This Youtube video ask 34 simple and very relevant question to the alleged murders of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook.  

   Any objective, rational directed human being would recognize the necessity to ask these questions and the relevance of them. Why then are they being stifled?
   Something I’ve noticed about human nature over the years is that when an horrific event happens, the “official story”, the one the Authorities have defined  conclusively for us, and some time has passed for it to be thus ingrained in the minds of the Public, eventually questioning minds start doing deeper investigation and many incongruities and anomalies surface.
   Those who don’t immediately brush aside empirical evidence and actually give it a listen seem to go through a process of holding clear revelations still at a distance. The mind reels from the reality of the lies, but especially the implications of what it tells us about our government.
   One or two pieces of information or facts, three or four even can be dismissed, but when a whole litany of incriminating evidence arises, like in the case of the video above_34 questions_it’s much less easy to bury it in a fog of escape.
   So do hear out this gentleman. He has his own style of delivery. But above all, listen to the questions. There are more than enough that speaks to a ghastly cover-up of an event that has exposed the lengths the Deep State within our government will go to achieve the control of the behavior of the American People. Which is tyranny in and of itself.
   And I still believe Americans have an obligation to expose and resist tyranny in all its forms. For we all took an oath to the Constitution to defend it against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.