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I’ve worked with US political party leaderships since 1980 for ending poverty, including two UN Summits for heads of state (1990  World Summit for Children and 1997 Microcredit Summit). Both political parties’ “leaderships” would only and always lie to us, and reneged on every promise (public and private) to end domestic and global poverty. This, despite having no argument against the overwhelming evidence that ending poverty is technically easy with less than 1% of developed nations’ income, it reduces population growth rate, preserves resources, according to the CIA is the most effective way to end terrorism (that which isn’t CIA false flag instigated), and that microcredit ends poverty while making a profit.

Those of us involved in such work eventually have to admit to ourselves that .01% “leadership” have other interests than what they say to the 99.99% public. The vast majority conclusion among hundreds of people I’ve worked with for over 30 years is that what drives the .01%’s actions is a form of neo-colonialism, neo-empire, neo-slavery. This results in psychopathic actions of vicious control centered in resource wars and money (here, here, here, here), all masked in BS covered by corporate media to continue control. We also conclude this “game” will continue until the 99.99% cause their own Emperor’s New Clothes moment. This might be through arrests or Truth & Reconciliation after sufficient US military and law enforcement refuse their minion-type slavery to psychopaths.

Therefore, and importantly:

My colleagues and friends easily explain, document, and prove these “Big Lie” crimes of the .01% upon the 99.99% that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. This is one reason you read alternative media.

Also importantly, among the hundreds of friends and colleagues I have with significant “insider” experience, none of us know with confidence exactly what/who is driving the puppet leaders the 99.99% see (like teleprompter-reading US presidents). We know the .01% have semi-secret meetings, like The Bilderberg Group. We know of interlocked corporate boards of directors. We know these oligarchs have looted ~$30 trillion into tax-havens. We even know they assassinate genuine leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who pose significant challenge to their wars and looting, as proven in the King Family civil trial with overwhelming evidence (ignored by corporate media, of course). We inquire into all kinds of research to best understand the big picture of our apparent slavery (like herehere); sometimes based on personal spiritual experiences.

So, is there a kind of New World Order?

Certainly there is an organized power behind the crimes we explain and document, operating in perhaps literally ~100 crucial areas of importance that all require orchestrated propaganda constantly protected by corporate media.

As we all move forward in patient activism, avoiding dangers as best we can, it’s only after we achieve our Emperor’s New Clothes moment that whistleblowers will have the safety to reveal exactly what this New World Order is.


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