Below is a picture of Porter Stansberry

I just recieved this message via e-mail on AOL:

“Below is a message from our paid sponsors, Stansberry Research:

Dear subscriber-

Here is something I definitely recommend you check out….

Porter Stansberrsy is the founder of Stansberry Research.

And recently, Porter has done some fascinating research.  He says there is an approaching BIG event in America, which would entirely ruin Barrack Obama’s presidency.  

Now I know at first glance this probably sounds a little outrageous.

But keep in mind, that is exactly how people felt a few years back, when Porter predicted the collapse of General Motors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Gannet Newspapers, just to name a few.

The point is, Porter has a remarkable track record when it comes to this type of work.

So I strongloy encourage you to at least take a look at the research he’s done.  Because even if he is only half right this big event will have a dramatic impact not only on Barrack Obama, but also you, me and everyone else in this country.

We’ve posted Porter’s full analyis on our website (they then give a website but it is not accessible).


George Rayburn

Publisher, Stansberry Research” (e-mail May 3, 2014).

What is Porter Stansberry Research?

So just what is Stansberry & Associates?  It’s an invefstment research firm catering to right-wing reactionary audiences and end of the world prophesizers.  But the ‘firm’ is crooked.  For in 2013 Stansbury stated that it feared President Barack Obama had been fined $1.5 million for engaging in “deliberate fraud” and profiting from “false statements.”  They were wrong.

What Stansberry is, is a profit center and despite its erroneous and irresponsible ‘journalism and research’, the investment firm has been supported by such reactionary luminaries as Newt Gingrich, Fox Business, Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, Alex Jones, WND, and The Washington Times.  They have all helped legitimize the reactionary ‘investment’ firm.

The firm has also enlisted the help of former Fox News contributor Dick Morris, who has frequently promoted the firm in sponsored video pitches.  But of course, toe sucking Dick Morris — a former presidential advisor to philanderer and New Deal repealer, former president Bill Clinton, and a frequent client of prostitutes,(  would will go to any lengths to support what puts money in his pocket.


Some history of Stansberry

Stansberry & Associates was founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry and claims to have “been predicting the most promising emerging trends and the most influential economic forces affecting the market - with uncanny accuracy - for the past 13 years (  Yeah, right.  Just like the ‘preppers’.

According to Mediamatters:

“Stansberry advertises its services to right-wing audiences with attacks on President Obama and warnings about a forthcoming apocalyptic type collapse of the American government and financial system. Stansberry emails carry subject lines like, “A Survival Secret That Could Save Your Life” (ibid).

Alas the veracity and history of the ‘firm’ tells another tale.  In 2007, Stansberry and his firm — then called Pirate Investor LLC — were ordered by a district court to pay $1.5 million in restitution and civil penalties as a result of a Securities and Exchange Commission complaint. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Stansberry was accused of “disseminating false stock information and defrauding public investors through a financial newsletter … They claimed investors could double their money if they paid $1,000 for a stock tip involving Bethesda energy company USEC Inc. In total, 1,217 people purchased the report, although 215 of them got their money back after complaining” (ibid).  Porter never went to jail, of course.

A judge in 2007 ruled that Stansberry’s activity “undoubtedly involved deliberate fraud” and “making statements that he knew to be false.”  Did Porter go to jail?  No.  How about the toe sucker?

On appeal the appeals court issued a finding that  indicated that “it would take an act of willful blindness to ignore the fact that Appellants profited from the false statements.” Stansberry’s defense of his actions can be found here, and a group of publishers, including The New York Times (“The Right to Be Wrong”), defended Stansberry’s case on First Amendment grounds.

The right to be wrong?  So we can tell lies and then not suffer any accountability or consequences for our mendacity?  This is corporate free speech, not free speech.  It is all so surreal.

Then there is the Social Security fraud

The Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General announced on September 12, 2011, that Stansberry & Associates “agreed to pay a $55,000 civil monetary penalty to the Social Security Administration” for violating the Social Security Act. The firm settled the case by paying the fine while not admitting a violation.  All of this is very crafty for it involves a ‘fine’ and a non-disclosure agreement (A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) can be entered into by parties to a lawsuit with respect to the disclosure of certain proprietary and confidential information (“Confidential Information”). It requires a legal document be drafted with the terms and conditions for each particular case spelled out in specificity and entirety) (  It is the seedy way justice is exchanged in the marketplace.

When it comes to legal claims against corporations, NDAs are drafted by corporate lawyers so that the plaintiff typically agrees to forgo any future litigation (forfeiture agreement) against the defendant; the defendant agrees to pay the plaintiff some specified monetary amount. In these cases, there is usually a “non-disparagement agreement” included, prohibiting any of the parties to the settlement from denigrating each other either privately or in public. NDA settlements can also go much further and spell out and require the defendant to change a company policy or perhaps stop some form of nefarious or negligent behavior. They can also include clauses that prohibit any discussion of the settlement agreement itself! (ibid).

The SSA’s complaint alleged that Stansberry advertised it services by claiming to have information from “insiders” on how to increase your Social Security check, and “the SSA OIG believed that the characterization of Stansberry’s SSA contacts as ‘insiders’ falsely implied that the information was not available to the public. The claimed ‘insider’ information was, in fact, available to anyone upon request.”  So much for Porter and his sage wisdom and this says a lot about those who follow end of the world prophesies and herd with the oligarchs; they are low hanging fruit for Stansberry and company.  Did Porter go to jail?  Now you can hear the pattern of melody and are ready to answer this question yourselves.

Stansberry’s ubiquity among right-wing media outlets is yet another example of conservatives scamming their own audiences through questionable financial schemes (

So, thanks for the e-mail, Stansberry.  Not sure what list you bought with my name on it, but I am on to you as are the courts and now at least the audience of

As implied, there are no limitations on the lengths that these parasitic monsters will go to profit from the degradation of democracy, the ignorance of the vast majority of the population and their insidious search for profits — even if it means cannibalizing their own ‘so called’ constituency.  Yes, a Donner party with fixed draws.

As to the politicians and toe suckers who support them, well they simply get a kickback.

Welcome to America!