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articles Become a Daily Censored WriterDo you ever watch the news and realize your not getting the whole story or any story at all?  Many of us have and are starting to write about those stories and why they are not being reported.

The only only thing that we ask is that you do not submit anything on the Daily Censored that is exactly what you can find on another site. So no plagiarism. Regardless if it is your own. If you have a new article that you would like everyone to see then please post it on the Daily Censored site first and then others. Another option if you are going to post the same article on several different websites is to write a small synopsis about the story and link it to the original. If we do see that two of the exact same posts can be found on different sites then we will have to delete it right away. The only reason we have to do this is because google has taken our site out of the google search website before for this reason. If you have your own site don’t hesitate to put a link to it in your post on the Daily Censored too.

If you would like to join our team of writers please complete the form below. Once you have completed this, we will contact you with more details.

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